Sarah Ackerman


My grandma thinks I can wrestle bears. Adventurer, marketer, improviser, yogi, writer, woodworker, outdoor enthusiast, life long learner.

Who is Muddy Roo?

I'm Muddy. It's an unfortunate (but by no means the worst) nickname I picked up in college, working at an adventure Girl Scout Camp.  

Roo is my ride or die homie. She's a 11ish year old pit bull/shar pei mix that's bounced around the country with me. She's not necessarily a creative force, but she's an excellent listener and great at protecting the house against squirrels, birds and the mail man. 

We've also added Noodles to the pack, she's a husky-hound mix that's a big, floppy pile of paws. 

I live with those two fur balls and my fiancé, Jeff, in Grant Park where I'm the President of my HOA (not really by choice), produce custom furniture in my garage and perpetually start over my couch-to-5k plan.